Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mia at 2.5

At 2.5 years of age, I want to remember that Mia...
  • ...initiates kisses.  She'll spontaneously kiss me (and they're legit kisses -- like actually pucker, sound and contact), and then smile afterwards as though she knows the great gift she bestowed.  
  • ...talks a lot.  She's pretty good with personal pronouns for her age too.  My favourite thing I've heard her call out: "[Esky], I need you!"  Her funniest exclamation: "Pish posh!"  Her sweetest request: "I hug you more."  I also never tire of hearing her cry, "Daddy!"  (the other two girls call Haki "Papa," but Mia has opted all on her own to call him Daddy.  Even when I say something like, "You ask Papa," then she says, "Daddy?").
  • ...says the darnedest things.  Last week, I passed a wet wipe back to Esky in the car and told her she had some food at the sides of her mouth she needed to clean up.  Esky set to work and I continued telling her the spots she had missed and needed to get.  Mia watched all of this from beside her big sister.  She then looked between Esky and me, and said, "I just lick mine."  Oh my.
  • so snuggly!  When she hugs, she hugs tight around the neck and presses her cheek against your cheek.  It is divine.  A few months ago, she decided she was ready to move into the girls' room.  She joined them in a queen-size bed.  Their middle-of-night positions were hilarious.  For the most part, she has been in there ever since. She's had two or three stints of returning to sleep with me for about a week, and then she's back to their room.  She was in charge of her transition (unlike the other two -- where I encouraged it a lot more), and she handled it better as a result, I think.  She doesn't make nightly visits to our bed or appear in it, like the other two did (and do).  I miss her *wail.*  When she does occasionally sleep near me (or did), she would put both hands up on my cheeks and smile at me as she fell asleep.  She had a fever one day this week and did that again, even though she felt unwell.   That kid always turned into me at the last moment of falling asleep, instead of away from me *swoon*.
  • ...remembers nursing (or seems to).  When she sees another kid breast-feeding, she'll talk about how she used to have milk from Mama.  I encourage whispering and less gestures usually...but find it fascinating when we're chatting at home.
  • ...prays about what she really wants.  Late last year she prayed "Help me reach things" and this week she prayed "Mama's birthday but no cake, and no cake, maybe there be cake next time."  (Cake is coming.) 
  • ...improvises with objects.  The remote control is one of my favourite props.  She has held it to her forehead and said, "Cheese!" (not at eye level, interesting), and also held it up like a phone and said, "I'm calling the car."  She uses hair ties as reins on her animals or to secure blocks as "rollerskates" to her feet. She also places two hymnbooks at right angles to each other on the back of the pew and pretends to type on a laptop.  /blank face.  I'm honestly not on here that much!  But when's I'm writing...she knows.
  • ...encourages.  If Esky is the emotional gauge / thespian and Ivy the reporter, Mia is the cheerleader.  Say, if something broke, Mia would cry, "It's okay!  You can clean it!"
  • ...enjoys playing with the dolls' house and dolls, play kitchen and Schleich animals the most.  She really likes horses, but it's hard to know if that is learned or her.
  • ...while Ivy likes to peel off layers at the earliest opportunity, Mia is all about getting clothes on.  I think it is mostly mimickry, but the girl is happy to add a scarf, hat, gloves and jacket to every outfit...irrespective of the weather.
  • ...didn't cry at her last immunisations.  She actually just sucked it up (literally during the injection), and then breathed out and moved 20-year-old.  
  • ...eats Weet-bix with sultanas every. single. morning.  She also loves yoghurt, sandwiches, and grapes (which she insists on calling berries).
Soaking wet after splashing in an outdoor paddling pool.  This was 10 seconds before she began shivering.

Playing with new mini kitchen items Christmas morning.

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