Wednesday, January 20, 2016


So I've mentioned with the girls' updates that some trends have emerged.  There are always exceptions to the following rules, but typically, we observe the following role assignments in three-way play (any one of the girls may be leading the action or ideas, but these hats are on as well):
  • The Thespian - Played by Esky.  (This involves a love for drama, including setting the stage, casting the players, and charging narratives with emotion)
  • The Reporter - Played by Ivy. (This involves letting those involved, close by, or far away -- about what is taking place -- live, or after the event)
  • The Cheerleader - Played by Mia.  (This involves encouraging the behaviour of the other players through words, gestures, sounds or expressions)
Scene 1 Sample

The girls have accidentally spilled milk all over the table.
Thespian/Esky:  Ivy, I think that was too full for you to pour.  Sigh. Let's get straws and suck up the stuff on the table! Reporter/Ivy: Mama, Mama! There is milk everywhere.
Cheerleader/Mia: Thank you, Esky. Giggle. Slurp.  It's okay, Ivy!  We clean it!

Scene 2 Sample
The girls are playing with the Schleich animal figurines.
Thespian/Esky: Let's have a waterfall, here -- grab the blue blanket, Ivy!  And grass here.  Spreading green scarf.  How about the animals are having a family day together and Caramel is the mother horse.  Your horse can be the papa.
Reporter/Ivy: Mama, Esky's horse is always the mama horse!
Cheerleader/Mia: Neeeeeigh.  Neeeeeigh!  Mummy!  Daddy!  Rubs her foal's muzzle up against the Mama and Papa horse.

Scene 3 Sample
The girls are eating lunch.
Thespian/Esky:  I am going to make a face out of vegetables on my cracker.
Reporter/Ivy: Mama, she's making a face!
Cheerleader/Mia: Ooooo!  Eat it!

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