Thursday, March 17, 2016

Five Gaffes at 5:00

  1. Last week, sans-contact-lenses, I added oregano to my daughter's porridge instead of cinnamon.
  2. Today, an electrician came to install an outtake fan above our shower.  I often leave clothing and things in the bottom of the shower that could use a good rinse with hot water.  Usually, I consider this smart.  Often, those things are cloth nappies (we have one who is not yet dry at night).  The electrician informed me there was "a nappy or something" in the shower, and asked if I could remove it before he put down his drop-cloth and ladder.  I cheerily made my way to the stall to remove the nappy.  Only it wasn't a nappy.  It was a cloth sanitary pad.
  3. Sometimes when I take the girls to swimming lessons, I swim; sometimes, I don't.  I always remember everything they need.  But sometimes my decision to get in the water is last minute and so I hastily put my togs on under my clothes and chuck in the items that make the swimming bag ready for me to join as well.  I'm often too hasty.  The girls things -- carefully packed the night before.  My late-to-decide days?  I always seem to forget something.  Sometimes it isn't so bad; I've forgotten to add an extra towel -- no biggy.  I forget conditioner -- annoying, but okay.  Bra?  Awkward.
  4. I held a garage sale.  Turns out if you give things away you don't make money.  #failtoprofit
  5. Ivy likes to cut things up into small pieces.  She also likes to daydream.  I recently cut some hanger-ribbons out of a shirt (you know the ones -- they can peek out of your pits uninvited or tickle your underarms like crazy!?).  These ribbons lay next to the scissors I'd used at the desk.  She was free to cut these up.  And she did.  Also: the mouse cord atop the same desk.  She was so embarrassed and sorry when she realised what she had done.  With Ivy, malice is always less likely than her being unaware of what is going on.  That girl is often somewhere else (in a great way -- she gives voices to almost anything and needs very little props and zero company to build an entire world and story.  That day the mouse lost, is all).
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