Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ivy turns 5

She turned five last week.  She regularly says "I can't believe I'm five!" Because we homeschool this marks...a new age-number, not a lot more...although I admittedly become more intentional in lessons from five.
  • Surprised me by showing an early interest in reading.  I didn't think she'd be into it until later and wasn't concerned.  What I was, was wrong.
  • Has such an unusual (often hilarious but equally often dark) imagination!  Think Tim Burton.  One of her re-occuring dreams is about creatures called Imbiens.  They are creatures that can only do anything once except for eating.  (Imbiens are not to be confused with Sardinebugs -- another creature whose eating habits she has described in detail.)
  • When she sees two family members hugging she often throws down what she's doing and calls "Cuddle cube!" throwing her arms around the existing pair and urging others to join.  When she feels really happy (maybe she loves the picture she is colouring and it has been very quiet for a while), or she's learned we are going somewhere see her swell, then she runs and hugs me and returns to what she is doing.
  • When she can't sleep, as well as being unable to "find her night mouth" she will say "I feel like a worm."
  • Out of nowhere said to me: "A banana really hurts if you throw it hard."
  • Uses a drumstick and ukulele as a violin and bow on the regular, tucked under her chin, and wearing grooves in the pain on its side.
  • She once drew a circle the size of my thumbnail in the centre of a page and then asked, "How do you spell, 'The very difficult maze'?"  *blink blink*
  • When we last went to a dress-up party the theme was Disney. The kid decided to be The Butterfly That Landed on Bambi.  Um...Ivy.  You're hilarious.  She would however have been a Disney princess if a certain Cinderella costume had been available for loan, so she's not above that sort of thing.  She also considered going as a knight.  She really loves putting on chain mail. 
  • Is very generous.  She will let her sisters colour in pages in her oversize colouring book, have turns on her harmonica for long periods of time...she almost always says "yes" and smiles.
 Last About Ivy.

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