Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Lion Inside: Book Review

The Lion Inside, Rachel Bright
An amusing fable illustrated by the man who did Oi Frog! and How Many Legs?  All three of my girls liked the story.  They appreciated the book's title a great deal more after we'd read the book and discussed its metaphorical meaning (I think they were conjuring lion's trapped inside stomachs).  The rhymes (and a few half-rhymes) are refreshing, and at times the chosen language is surprising and less common (e.g. "meekest," "lion o-clock" and "reclining").  I'm a big fan of picture books which sprinkle through enriched language amongst familiar terms.  And it can't have been too much, as my almost-three-year-old wasn't lost for a beat.  The high impact, lively illustrations helped.  A great story about unlikely heroes, being yourself, and the quest for a change in circumstances.  (P.S.  I often find uncommon fonts distracting or irritating.  The sans serif selection in this text with occasional hand-written effects manages to get the creative alternative just right so that I felt it added to rather than detracted from the story.)

Review copy received from Hachette.
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