Friday, May 13, 2016

Five Negs at 5:00

  1. I had my first root canal this week.  If you've seen / messaged / called me since, I've probably already told you...because...I keep telling people about how I've had a root canal.  In good news: it wasn't as bad as I imagined it was going to be.  It was still super-un-fun.  It's like someone is pulling charged spaghetti noodles out of your gum and jaw (at about the equivalent strength of tonguing a 9-volt battery)...over and over...surprise...another!  So much flinching.  I did listen to Anne of Green Gables for three hours.  That was a plus.
  2. Someone crashed into our vehicle, Shadow, and then drove away.  Our bumper was hanging off.  I highly recommend you check what your excess is for your insurance on hit and runs -- just so your jaw doesn't dislocate if it happens to you.  It still amazes me that after more than a  decade of no claims  (zero ever) we still need to pay hundreds of dollars to repair something we didn't do to our vehicle.  I may have launched a medium-to-large scale investigation into the perp.  You know by me abbreviating it thus that it tipped more towards large on that scale. 
  3. Adding insult to injury, the panel beater was unable to do work on Shadow for weeks ("parts," ra ra ra).  For weeks I drove around with a scar suggesting I didn't know how to reverse.  Oh, my pride.  Then when they were ready to do the work, they lent us a four-wheel scooter they called a courtesy vehicle; *insult onslaught.*  I call it Puggle.  The thing cannot conquer High St in the rain.  Really.  The wheels just spin.  Other road users honked while I spun on the spot in Puggle, mentally cursing the Hit-and-Runner of weeks gone by.  It wasn't pretty.  Also:  I wish my vanity was above it, but alas...whenever I dismounted Puggle I wanted to shout, "Courtesy car!  I did not choose this."  I weighed up printing a set of signs for the windows.
  4. I have devoured everything I've ever read by Maggie Stiefvater.  I had been saving The Raven Cycle for this month so there'd be no delays in reading the fourth installment -- one of the benefits of joining the party late is not waiting for all courses to be served!  But ah!...even though I liked the first book okay, I'm finding the second a little bit of a drag.  It could be me.  I hope it is...that when I pick it up next it'll be magically easier to get stuck in; five notches more desirable.    
  5. Barbecue-flavoured Shapes are one of my favourite snack foods.  Well, they were.  Until they launched their "new and improved flavour" this week.  They ruined them, guys.  Yes, I let them know.  I did it nicely, but they had to know.  If enough people agree maybe they'll rethink this crazy decision.  Why did they mess with perfection?  Seriously!?  This is where I drop a link to their feedback page.  Feel free to join the cause.
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