Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Maladapted: YA, male protag!

Maladapted, Richard Kurti
This was an easy read and it felt fun.  This doesn't mean it is watered-down or overly simple -- Kurti has a nice vocabulary.  It reads very visually (no surprise, given Kurti's background writing screenplays).  Also...
  • The tone reminded me of Stitching Snow, the premise shared some with Partials and Spark, and many details are comparable to Angelfall.  But Maladapted isn't quite like any of these -- which is to its credit.  But I think  if we must pick a shared fanbase, it's more like a less-grisly male answer to  Angefall OR a book for fans of Partials than it is in any way like The Maze Runner (which it's being tied to all over, including on the cover).
  • I loved all the chrome (shiny sci fi bits).  Eeee.
  • Kurti has a real talent for efficiently using a few carefully selected details to quickly paint a scene. 
  • I read it quickly and wanted to keep reading.  It was fairly fast-paced.
  • But this could be why I didn't feel connected to the characters or character relationships.  I think there was lots of action and not enough intimacy with these people I need to care about -- they don't ever slow down long enough for those intimate moments to happen.  One character also does a really unlikable thing late in his/her development which disappointed me; it felt like we weren't making progress.  But there is a male protag!  Those are less common in the YA I'm sent (or that I pick, either one, ha!).
  • There are some very predictable moments.  
  • There's this weird trademarking (maybe?) going on?  Kurti types the numerals for small numbers -- like 2 and 3 --instead of writing them out as a word.  It was surprisingly distracting.
  • Every now and then the wording was clunky.
Yes, you would like it Dad.  I also have a few other friends I will be recommending this to as well. 

I can't say I'm hanging out for the next installment, but I certainly didn't waste my time -- for the SF content alone it was a nice little hit.

Available in bookstores tomorrow.

Review copy received from Walker Books.

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