Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Selection - revisited by the royal romance's heir

I enjoyed The Selection Series.  Oh how I know it's not for everyone.  It's heavy on the romance and light on the everything else.  But I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Cass has come back to rewrite The Selection Process for the next generation in her recovering world. 
The Heir, Kiera Cass
For me, this story was all about my interest in The Selected.  I wanted to know more about them and see how things played out for them.   Why?  Because the heir(ess) was unlikable for most of the book.  By the end, I was hopeful I could care about her...and still very concerned about the lads...so on the self-same day I tore into...

The Crown, Kiera Cass
...wherein the protag grew on me...like lichen.  I cared about her in the second book!  There are still buggy stereotypes and these books are predominantly love-driven princess stories, I get it, but guys...I like those sometimes.  Highlight: the camaraderie between the elite.

I recommend only if you enjoyed The Selection series, Matched and/or The Jewel (I think it's quite a bit better than The Lone City series).

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