Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mia is 3

Our third birthday in our birthday season has come and gone.  
Mia had such simple wishes for her birthday.  She is a pleasure to prepare for, as a result.  Cake, a few loved ones and the swimming pool gave her utter delight.

  • She is very sensitive in movies.  She cried in The Velveteen Rabbit (it is pretty sad). But also in Robots -- when Rodney leaves his parents, she just can't bear it.  She often begins welling up and then squeezes me and whimpers.  It isn't like the cry she does if she falls down, it's a gentle, quiet sadness she feels as she watches a story unfold.  We have been doing our best she doesn't "watch up" with media, having older sisters, but even movies Esky and Ivy viewed without tears can draw them from Mia.  She's precious.
  • She is still so lovey.  She kisses, hugs, smiles, and speaks her love all day every day.
  • She waves at people a lot. 
  • Mia says her favourite animal is "dinosaurs."  Specifically "green ones."  I hope there were green ones.  It's pretty safe to assume, in terms of physical adaptation, but maybe there weren't...I mean, they weren't great survivors, in the end.
  • She loves talking about babies, holding the baby doll, and being carried "like a baby" (cradled in arms).  Even though now she is 3 years old Ivy has mandated she is officially a kid and can no longer claim baby status (I argued this was a long time ago, but Ivy has been adamant on this point).
  • She has these loose Farrah Fawcett curls that frame her face when her hair is out that are divine.
  • Mia is still not very interested in learning to count or sing the actual alphabet (jumping numbers or making nonsensical sounds to the tune are much more fun, she thinks).
  • She loves pink and green.
  • Also: pistachios, nuts, yoghurt, spaghetti, and cake.
  • Her most-used phrase is "What you said?" (in place of my preferred, "pardon?").

She makes us laugh a lot;
Me: That is Wes's drink bottle -- it has her germs on it.
Mia: I want germs!  My own germs!
Me: You have your own germs, they're different ones.
Mia: Pink ones?!

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