Friday, June 24, 2016

Mindy Kaling's Book

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Mindy Kaling
This series of "essays" (this term is used very loosely, in this case) is exactly the kind of memoir I was hoping for from Kaling.  The final third was lacking the oomph of the first two thirds, but overall, it was the conversational disclosure that fit with the idea of Kaling I had in my mind.  A few other notes:

  • Mindy called the female cast Ghostbusters reboot four years before it happened.  That is impressive. 
  • She writes in hyperbole.  I get that.
  • There's some swearing.
  • Things I loved to learn about her: she is not a fan of roasts (same) and she is a fan of monogamy and marriage (same). 
  • I couldn't help but keep comparing this to Amy Poehler's book of a very similar mode.  Kaling is reportedly a big fan of Poehler.  As I've mentioned, the problem with reading Poehler's memoir is that I so much wanted to find Leslie Knope inside -- since I'm into Leslie Knope.  But Amy isn't Leslie...and it is Leslie I want for a bosom friend.  Now with Kaling, this is flipped.  I read her book hoping to find nothing of Kelly Kapoor (who I do not want for a friend. at. all) and get more of a picture of who Mindy was (because my hunch said I liked Mindy).  And Mindy is not Kelly, and in this case, that is great, because like most people who a) wanted to read this book and b) did read it -- Mindy reads like great friend material. 
  • I love the picture of her on the cover.   (Also: all the pictures she unashamedly shares inside.)
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