Friday, June 10, 2016

Super Power Baby Project
Super Power Baby Project, Rachel Callander
I am honoured to know the incredible family who has poured their love into this project and I am  unsurprised Rachel has authored something so special because she is undeniably that, when you meet her.

Before we touch on the inspiring content, the format of this publication is exceptional.  I don't think I have been sent anything of better quality from the publishers I review for...ever.  The book is elegant to hold, thumb through, display and even critically assess.  It is a physical item to be proud of.  It also arrives with free postage, wrapped like a "brown paper package" worth singing about.  It feels special before you even get inside!

Now, to what is even more beautiful -- what is within.  Super Power Baby Project sees the talents of one employed to share the wonder of many; and those many are all children across New Zealand.  But not just any children.  The spotlight illuminates the beauty and magic possessed by children with chromosomal or genetic conditions.  Spotlight not even necessarily in spite of their challenges; sometimes because of them.  I am in awe not only to see such worthy subjects so beautifully captured in image and word, I'm even more moved by the impact the project has surely had on so many.  Not only does such an undertaking allow families who know little Super Babies to engage in something positive relating to these Super individuals in their circle, it opens and helps re-position a wider dialogue about "disability."  For families whose lives have inevitably been shaped and affected by scores of hard conversations, unpleasant appointments, and unwelcome looks, I can scarcely comprehend the value a visit from a loving and generous photographer and listener has had, by contrast. You can watch and listen to Rachel explain her project in her TEDx talk here.

I purchased a copy for our family, because I want my children to see these children, and read and know of what makes them special.  I want my kids to embrace diversity, and look for qualities that make every human exceptional and worth knowing instead of focusing on the things we don't get to choose about our lives.  Beyond that, I consider what Rachel has achieved an incredible model for my daughters -- of how women can create, define, inspire and change their world in unique and meaningful ways.  What Rachel has done takes my breath away.  I want my girls to know about women like her.

I also want to add that I'm impressed by the layout and so many of the thoughtful inclusions inside.  The timeline, behind-the-scenes Polaroids and support information pages are great additions.

I think the book makes an exceptional gift too -- you're not only giving someone a beautiful-looking and beauty-filled book (and books are good gifts, by me), you're supporting people who believe and are driven by causes; you're funding good

You can order your copy from -- or a couple copies, because I'm sure there is someone you know who could use one too.  I'm giving you plenty of notice for Christmas. x

Yes, I'm aware this review is saturated in superlatives, but they're all warranted.  The book is Super.

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