Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Lewis SF Fairytale Retelling
Spinning Starlight, R. C. Lewis
I found Stitching Snow okay.  Spinning Starlight was much much more.  I barely stopped reading to do anything else!  In addition to finding myself quite riveted...
  • It is hard sci fi, which is delicious to me (there are multiple worlds and there is travel between them).
  • The world-building reminded me of Trudi Canavan, which is really saying something (since I consider hers immersive and sophisticated).  It is like a YA cousin of Canavan.   This was much stronger than I remember Stitching Snow's world-build, or maybe I just preferred these worlds?
  • I enjoyed the characters.
  • The story really resonated with me.  I felt Lewis took on a broader scope of narrative and moral and it was tightly executed.
  • It is so clean.  There's no longing for sex (or sex), no swearing, no drug use, and very minimal violence.
Because this does so many things well, this is one of my favourite reads of the 2016.  Thanks Dad, for nudging me to get onto it -- it was much better than I expected.
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