Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Daddy Book

Amazing Daddy, Rachel Bright
This easy reading rhyming list-book comes out in bookstores today.  It doesn't win the prize for originality (as we have had at least three out from the library that are very similar), but my girls love that the chosen anthropomorphic is pandas -- Mia picked it up and said, "Another panda one" -- and smiled at the things this daddy does that their daddy also does and is (including"big and kind and hairy"). After my husband pre-read it (before reading for the girls), I waited to see if he would say, "Well, that's a bit stereotypical, isn't it?" but he didn't.  He said, "That's fairly accurate."  He also commented that he appreciated that Bright isn't just an illustrator filling pages with words so she can share more illustrations, but that she had things to say about dads (yes, he's still bitter about Follow Me and refuses to read it to the girls).   I think when read as a tale of one "panda's" daddy it will never offend, but I wonder if in our PC-world if this book will be cast aside by some.  We'll be keeping it.  It's sweet.
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