Tuesday, July 12, 2016

That's (Not) Mine - not long going to be mine

That's (Not) Mine, Anna Kang
Gah.  This book.  So...we kept its predecessor, You Are (Not) Small.  I think that one deals with relativity with effective and punchy humour.  We really liked it.  It manages to showcase disagreements (and being proven wrong) without going so far down that road that I dumped it.  This book sadly teeters on the edge of a wall of a bin I would label "Tantrum Books," and then...falls in.  When I am flicking through the girls' collected books during library visits, I build a stack of Tantrum Books that I do not take home; virtually stocking that imagined bin.  I am not a fan.  I understand some families may find value in the resolution of such books or the discussion they have after reading them with their children, but all I see, is a model of bad behaviour and phrases I'd rather they didn't repeat.  I'm all for books that put a heavy emphasis on positive behaviour.   So sadly, this is not a book I would purchase.  My girls did find it very funny.  But that's part of my beef with it -- watching my girls find humour in bad behaviour (and hearing my 3-year-old scream "Mine!") isn't fun for me.  I know a lot of parents buy and favour Tantrum Books.  They must -- there are so many.  You can keep doing that.  Good for you; bad for me.  You can buy this one in bookstores today! 

P.S.  Still love the illustration style.  Also: There is a semi-resolution to conflict, but it's by redirection rather than conflict resolution -- my least favourite for anyone that isn't a baby...  Yes, from the cover alone I probably wouldn't pick this book up.  What would I propose?  Two pages on the conflict -- (go ahead, make it funny!), and an imaginative story on the resolution -- (which could also be funny!) -- that is my kind of book. 

Review copy received from Hachette.

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