Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 48
Me Earl and the Dying Girl
I finished yesterday's bulk hit with The Duff -- a missable high school movie.  This one's above average.
This is okay.  It's the most I've ever liked Jason Bateman.  I think my lack of enthusiasm probably has a lot to do with how grown-up the story seems (it's a criminal conspiracy) and how crazy-high my expectations were having caught a few review headlines.
Surprisingly nice.  My rock-bottom low expectations probably helped.
Flipped (2010)
Loved it. WTB.  It's a great story -- the kind of story I want my girls to watch (around age 12, I'd say). Other things I liked: the high school actors were high school age, it was moving, it was a treat to look at and listen to (think late 50s / early 60s nostalgia), and the cast was great.   This is my favourite of this bulk hit.
So silly. But a little funny. silly.  I get it, it is a movie about a spider and human cross-species, but still...the silly!  Ant-Man's premise is absurd but it was awesome!  This was not awesome.  I think you know what it was.
Surprisingly funny and relatively clean for films of its type.  Haki and I enjoyed it more than we thought we would; general consensus has it pinned it as very mediocre...we think it's better than that.
Bad.  It even ruined the father-son relationship that made the first movie.  Badly done guys, badly done.
Entertaining fiction.  Let's be clear, this is all very made up.  It did prompt me to think and read more though -- which I like when a movie does -- so I could get a better idea of something closer to what went down (but of course still filtered by what has been recorded by others).  The content is a lot; the M-classification note only lists offensive language but there is so much more (sexual references, sexual scenes and drug use, among the "more").
Just okay.

The Hundred-Foot Journey
Good.  Really quite good.
I feel like this was close to being great.  It had so many of the ingredients of a timeless tale...but left me wanting, big time.  Overall a stink feeling at the end.  The cover is a bad sell because this story is way more about two adolescent boys and unusual summers.  Overall: missable although it wasn't the worst.
I'd seen this sometime in the year Esky was born but it was lost in the excitement and didn't make a bulk hit.  In re-watching I found it very...predictable and formulaic, but fine.  It's always a little fun to watch gifted characters jamming together, isn't it?
This is very rude.  It also features one of my not-so-favourite character tropes; the too-cool parents.  Something about Emma Stone and the script kept me watching and produced my conclusion that it's rude, but also one of the better high school movies.
Nice.  It lacks the chemistry I hoped for and something's not quite there in the depth of scenes, but it's very clean and nice.  No sex, swearing, or violence (a rarity, really).
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