Friday, August 19, 2016

More Mercy

Fire Touched, Patricia Briggs
As usual, I'm utterly unimpressed by the cover choices for Mercy novels.  In the first three books Briggs clearly establishes Mercy is the opposite in taste and style as the character who peacocks across the covers.  It's annoying.  But also in usual form, the latest Mercy story is a good read.  It isn't my favourite (this is the ninth novel), but it's very solid.  I really like the central relationship very much.  The end wraps up a little quick for my liking, but there is early action and great group dynamics, as always.   More Mercy here.
Hopcross Jilly, Patricia Briggs
Gah.  This was disappointing.  I won't be reading any more of the graphic novels about Mercy.  It read like a generic urban legend instead of creative, funny and strong Briggs.  The illustrations were also not for me at all.
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