Saturday, August 13, 2016

Two TV Series I hope you know about
Stranger Things 
Haki and I are big fans; BIG fans of this series.  If you don't mind things a little scary and enjoy 80s nostalgia, then you must see this.  A mix of Super 8, eXistenZ, and The Fringe, this is the best big show for us since Lost.  The rich homage to the era and all things of the era is so gratifying.  It is a Netflix exclusive...and it is the best thing that came of our month's free trial! *high fives*  Thank you, Flo, for saying, "Start watching.  Start watching tonight.  Start early because you'll want to watch more than one."
Gran Hotel (Grand Hotel)
How did I not know about this!?  Holy.  I am hooked.  I finished Season 1 this week and the reasoning part of my brain says, "You don't need to watch all of this, it's really just a pretty soap opera masquerading as a murder mystery," but the other part of my brain cries, "Oh my gosh OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH."  The latter part of my brain is winning.  This is subtitled and scrumptious -- the high-speed Spanish speech and incredible bone structure of 100% unknown-to-me faces has been a delight.  It's like The Paradise and Downton tinged with Sherlock.  If you don't like any of those, obviously avoid this!  This lacks Downton's truly brilliant comic beauty, but it has its own spell-binding magic.  But yes, it's fairly soapy.  I do enjoy the Whodunnit aspect quite a bit.  In Season 1 thus far there have been two short sex scenes as part of the story, so a heads up there (they weren't the gratuitous steamy affairs I avoid so much as painting a quick scene of a character / event). 

UPDATE:  I must not have been the only audience member who fed back an observed lack of rich comedy in the first series because Season 2 -- bam -- the humour is ramped up!  In fact, Episode 3 in Series 2 is comically delightful!  I worried when I started the second series that I would find one had been enough, but on the contrary, I've found that the writing, style and format has settled into its own and embraced the snooping and silliness a little more so you can suspend disbelief that this much scandal is going on in one hotel, because they're poking fun about it, in-script.  Suuuuperrrrr.  BUT...midway through this season the character story took a turn and there have been some moral disappointments.  There are further sex scenes with more shown than I care for later also.  I at least recommend you watch Season 1 and the first four of Season 2. 

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