Friday, September 9, 2016

Hop Along boo, Time for Bed, Mandy Sutcliffe
We were given another Belle & Boo book as a gift, in part because the illustrations are just so. darn. beautiful.  Hop Along Boo takes the detail and devour-ability to new heights.  Released in hardback in December of last year (worth purchasing, if you're asking), and now in very affordable paperback this month.  Looking over Esky's head...
My girls LOVE this book.  What I like most is that for a Goodnight Book it is less about the everyday routines of bedtime (covered sweetly enough in Goodnight Kiss...and many other non-Belle-&-Boo books), and more the magical imaginings of children all around the world that slow down or evolve into dreams as they give in to slumber. 

The rhymes are solid and there is refreshing vocabulary.

I can't get or say enough of the illustrations! I feel like we could point and together conjure an imagined story for any character on any given page.  There is power in that!  This tops the other Sutcliffe books I've read, and they weren't to be sniffed at.  Scrummy.

Review copy received from Hachette.
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