Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Better Than TV - Music I Love

One of the most precious humans to me in the world is Florence Hartigan.  I also love her music.  Not just because she creates it, but I sincerely love her music.  It is exactly the kind of music I love.  She writes, plays and sings her own stuff...and right now she is putting her stuff out there.  If you think there's any chance you might share my taste in music, or if you just want to satisfy a moment's curiousity, or if you want to do a good deed today for someone doing a brave and great thing: check her out.  Every time someone watches one of her videos she gets a point in a song-writing contest.  If you like what you hear, share it.  Pay the love forward.  There are bonus points if you share through the site. 

Hashtags are also our friends, if you want to be sensational;
#GuitarCenter #GCSSW6 #Guitarcentersingersongwriter6 #Femalesingersongerwriter #Indie #Indiefolk #Folk #Folkmusic #Alt-country #Alt-coutrymusic #Altcountry #Altcountrymusic #Florencehartigan

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