Saturday, October 8, 2016

Jeffers' Latest

A Child of Books, Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston

Like many, I watch with interest for what Oliver Jeffers (and Sam Winston) will do next.  A Child of Books is a beautiful celebration of the magic and worlds harnessed by books.
  • I think there will be many older readers who will delight in the typographical details and elegance of images and words brought together as one. 
  • That said, my girls wanted to linger on each page, so although I still hold this book will mean more for a discerning, well-read reader, it has managed to appeal to my little listeners.
  • The concept of a book about the wonder of books isn't a new one.  It's been done (e.g. cf David Miles' Book -- it even includes images and text as images).  But never done quite like this, so I won't add any demerits for lack of originality, since the product of the marriage between Jeffers and Winston injects plenty of that to make up for any lost.
  • This isn't a funny book.  I think I was waiting for the funny.  It didn't come.  That's okay, but just so you know.  This is less Stuck and The Day the Crayons Came Home and more Heart in the Bottle.
For those already in love with Jeffers as auteur, I'm sure his latest offering will at the least satisfy and at best delight.  Hardbook available in bookstores now. 

Review copy received from Walker.

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