Friday, October 28, 2016

Kid Artists - winner

Kid Artists: True Tales of Childhood from Creative Legends, David Stabler

I love this book.   
  • The foreword alone is fantastic.  
  • I find the illustration style so appealing.  My kids do too.  Win.
  • The language is excellent -- never condescending nor transcending for younger readers (or tired older ones!)
  • The selection of artists is great and the biographical information has been shared judiciously. 
  • The grouping of artists is a great organisational mental decision for comprehension and retention.
  • The length of each section is enough to build a fair identity for each character but short enough to keep the book fun (instead of something you start and mean to finish).
  • I did so much back-reading after finishing this and I loved it.  I also enjoyed approaching the artists I already knew pretty well with new eyes.
  • This would be great to link into art / classroom / home school -study topic -- you could read a chapter, project images of the artist's work, then produce art in the same style for quite a while!  It would provide a great framework.
I'm only sorry I reviewed an electronic copy of this now I'll have to buy my hard copy.
Worth it.

E-copy review copy via Netgalley.

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