Friday, November 4, 2016

My Lady Jane -- Favourite

My Lady Jane, Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows
This was so much fun.  AND...*drumroll*...this is my favourite read of 2016!
  • The pun-laden silliness of this tremendously fun book is what I imagine the musical show Galavant was hoping to achieve -- a mish-mosh of meta, intelligence, fantasy and frivolity.  It reminds me of The Princess Bride movie and Ella Enchanted book. It might be described as Silly Historical Magical Fiction, as a sub-genre; lots of tongue-in-cheek.  There are only one or two jokes I thought failed too wholly land with me, but because I was smiling every. page. it was a very amusing book with a few less funny moments (rather than comedy that was grasping).
  • It is more risqué than Ella Enchanted but about the same as The Princess Bride film, which is to say there are euphemisms and low level sensual interests (a longing to kiss and some admiration of appearances), but no crossing of the line.  I really, really appreciated how well this was handled.  (It's much more appropriate for younger readers than The Princess Bride book.)
  • There are multiple points of view (and this is written by multiple authors!) but I never had a problem with it.  I enjoyed each perspective plenty.  There are even fourth wall interruptions, and I like them!  They match the tone and tale so well I forgave and even enjoyed them!
  • There is some hat-tipping within that an unkind reader might mistake for lazy/uncreative borrowing, but I give these three lasses a lot more credit than that.  They know when they've alluded and they've been intentional in showing they know when a moment feels derivative.  I liked that too.  
  • The characters are fantastic.
Overall, this was such a fun read.  More than once I checked my progress and thought, "Please go on!  DO NOT END!"  I will read it again.  I can't wait for my girls to read it.  I'm so happy to make this a part of our family collection.

Review copy received from Walker.  Thank you, Emma, for giving me a heads up I should watch out for it.

P.S.  Here's another cover.  I like both covers a lot.   


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