Monday, October 17, 2016

Picture Book Round-up: A Dirty Dog, Sloths, Reluctant Artists and Scrummy Fairytales +
Harry the Dirty Dog, by Gene Zion
This one's humour and tight little story is irresistible.  Particularly fun in board book format.

Score One for the Sloths, Helen Lester
This is pun-a-licious.  The word-play was better appreciated by my 7-year-old than the 5 or 3-year-old.  The illustrations are impressively hilarious yet impressive.  Such a funny book.

You Can't Take a Balloon into the Metropolitan Museum, Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman
The illustrator of Fancy Nancy's talents are part of the magic of this wordless story.  It's one of the better ones of its kind, I've seen.

Keep Love in Your Heart, Little One, Giles Andreae
Tuck-in tales filled with "I love you's" in verse rarely do it for me.  This one has something extra that places it a notch above the others.
Tiny Miss Dott and her Dotty Umbrella, Michelle Osment
This is international quality from our very own shores.  Deserving of its award, and your time.  A satisfying good-willed, semi-pay-it-forward circular.
The Lion and the Bird, Marianne Dubuc
We bought this one some time ago because of the sweet, gentle style of the story and its images.  It is also surprising how much story is packed into the word-free pages.  The publisher has been very generous with the page-count, and it's paid off.

Birds, Kevin Henkes 
More creative than the cover lets on.   Lovely.

The Dot, Peter Reynolds
Sharp and sassy.  Also a great story and lesson in one.  Very modern style.  We were sent this by a book fairy and it's a prized part of our collection.  (Also includes one of the coolest modern art exhibitions I've ever seen.)
What Happens Next?
What Happens Next? Tull Suwannakit
Fun fun fun illustrations, whimsical story, and built-in comprehension enquiry.  Nice.
Hero Cat, Eileen Spinelli
Spinelli knows just how to 100% engross my girls.  They were hanging on every word of this adventure.  It is not an animal's talking story, but rather a well-told report based on a true heroic mother-cat.  The magic is in the details.
The Short Giraffe, Neil Flory
Most of you have surely seen this one.  Funny with a cool moral to boot.
Carmine: A Little More Red, Melissa Sweet
What a clever, synonym-rich retelling -- great for word-lovers and lovers-of-learning.
Sisters are for Making Sand Castles, Harriet Ziefert
Surprisingly good.  I pick up plenty of sister-books, admittedly, and this one has some nice specifics.
Rapunzel, retold by Sarah Gibb
Nom nom nom!  These illustrations!  Delicious!  It's also a nice version of the Grimm tale.  With the same illustrator...
The Princess Who Had No Kingdom, Ursula Jones
See above.  Yum.  I love spending time on each page.  The story is also great.  Since reading these two (Jones and Gibb) I've been spinning up a holds storm on the library site to get my hands on all the fairytales done in this style.  Their a productive pair!  Hoorah!  These are the ones I'd want to own, if we're going to collect Grimm...not Disney.
Running Shoes, Frederick Lipp
File this under "Good for first-worlders."
or)  Ole Könnecke
Anton Can Do Magic, Ole Könnecke
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Charming/

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