Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Picture Book Round-up: A NZ Tale, Accessible Bio Book, Hilarious Owl and Anti-Victim Story

Place holds / search library shelves (possibly order...).  This is such a good bunch of books.
Harold and Grace, Sean E Avery
Touching moral but also: surprising!  I also enjoy integrated science teaching (focus: metamorphosis).

Snoozefest, Samatha Berger
Our younger readers didn't enjoy this one as much as Esky (7), but I found it a treat.  I have a thing for sloth books.  This is the third one that's made a round-up, haha.

"I Have a Little Problem," said the bear, Heinz Janisch
Heavy but worthy moral, so good.

The Secret Keeper, Kate Coombs
Heather M. Solomon's illustrations are gorgeous and this original fairy tale feels like a folk classic.  Loved.
Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley, Aaron Blabey
We own another book about how differences aren't a bad thing, in fact, friends who are different are interesting.  This one's better.

Silver Buttons, Bob Graham
A lovely spotlight on the magic of the everyday.
Counting Lions, Katie Cotton, drawings by Stephen Walton
Irresistible rendering.
Elizabeth, Queen of Seas, Lynne Cox
A New Zealand story!  Great afterward with photograph.  I love this book.

Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise, Sean Taylor
Nadia: The girl who couldn't sit still, Karlin Gray
I grew up watching the movie based on Nadia Comaneci.  There is a lot to be taken from her story (including some things not to do).  Whether you have aspiring gymnasts in your family or not, Nadia's story of exceeding expectations and striving for perfection (and persistence when she fell short) translates well for other ambitions too.  It was especially nice to read this soon after the Olympics, this year.

3, 2, 1, Go!  Emily Arnold
Alongside Lila and the Crow, this is a really great anti-bullying tale.  I love how this little elephant refuses to be a victim.  This story is a swift one-two punch of awesome.
The Chicken Who Had a Toothache, Bénédicte Guettier
Even the title is funny.  What a laugh.
What's in the Witch's Kitchen? Nick Sharratt
The "magic" changing pictures truly make this a delight.

Emily's Balloon, Komako Sekai
Utterly gorgeous.  Simple but so, so sweet.
Words are Categorical Series, Brian P. Cleary
We've worked through all the titles our library holds in this series (as well as the mammals and amphibians titles).  They're great.  I think we'll get them all out once a year to go-over.
There are no cats in this book, Viviane Schwarz
The girls loved this one.

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