Friday, October 14, 2016

Three new "kids'" books

Water Wow, Antonia Banyard and Paula Ayer
I love non-fiction for kids.  This is laid out in a really relatable way; using comparisons to help illustrate big concepts.  I like the illustration style and bubbles of information.  The break-downs and clarifications in the opening are great too.
Master Pieces, Will Lach
What a fun idea!    Making art history tactile?  Presenting a selection of works from around the world created in varied styles?  Brilliant!  What a great sampler for little people (and adults, let's be honest).  I'm always in favour of an informative breakdown as afterword in book's such as these, and this ticks that box. The title's play on words is the cherry on top. 

Lila and the Crow, Gabrielle Grimard
This is tied for first place as the best treatment of bullying I've read to date (3, 2, 1, Go! by Emily Arnold McCully is the other champion).  It is less about inducing pity (although I certainly felt for Lila), and more about empowerment and a healthy dose of magical realism.  The illustrations are beautiful.  Lila is stunning.  The resolution is excellent.  Gorgeous.

Review copies via NetGalley.
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