Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Two new books: Camping and A Dragon Early Chapter Book

Yes, Let's, Galen Goodwin
The illustrations and narrative hooked my three kids with equal interest -- which was high.  There are a lot of details, familiar scenes, and appealing details.  The illustrations really are fun.  The rhyme then non-rhyme construction of the text bugged me, and puts me off adding this to our collection.
The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart, Stephanie Burgis
Available for pre-order.  Esky and I checked this out together.  She's a lover of dragons and this book is great for her reading level, in terms of difficulty.  However....she didn't enjoy the content.  Admittedly, she's conservative.  First of all, she liked that the dragon is the protagonist, instead of a child (who happens to be getting to know a dragon).  Then as the dragon begins sneaking out against his mother's wishes and leaving his brother behind, she found him unlikable.  She couldn't help but project her own values onto the story and this dragon was nto impressing her.  She also felt the chocolate heart aspect didn't come fast enough nor mean enough early, and it was part of the intrigue for her (what the title promised).  Oveall, good for this reading level (Esky is 7, but reading some above her grade), but some "good kid" readers may raise an eyebrow and shrug the book away.

E-copy review copies via Netgalley.
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