Monday, November 28, 2016

A Distant Post-Apocalyptic Future, with angels

I've read a fair share of post-apocalyptic angel-books.  I'm gonna let that sentence steep for a moment.  Now where were we?  This post-apocalyptic angel-book is different from all of them, and has its merits.  It was a solid book, but not a mind-blower or favourite. 
  • Harland is generous in his use of onomatopoeia, which I found jarring during a bleak narrative.
  • It is really intriguing and proved difficult to predict.  Repeatedly the narrative would face conflict/risk or take turns that I was sure it would dodge.  I wanted to read on.
  • It fantastical and sci fi, both.  It is dark.  Not so visceral and affronting as Angelfall, but a little like Speaker for the Dead and The Dark Crystal.
  • There were some clumsy exposition-type mechanics three-quarters of the way in.  I forgave, at that point, but another thing that stopped it being one of the best books, and instead a good book.
  • The characters are interesting.
  • Romance is not a central part of the story.
  • No sex or swearing.  Some violence.
Overall:  The execution isn't my preference, but some of the concepts and imagery will stick with me as landmarks for treatment of the subject matter.
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