Friday, November 4, 2016

In the After (Books 1 and 2)

In the After, Demitria Lunetta
After being disappointed by Unwind, I really wanted a good ol' YA that was easy to read but also scrumptious.  In the After was a perfect fix;
  • It has a great opening. 
  • There are nice details in the characterisation that really ground it.  
  • Early on, when I learned more about what particular type of situation this survival tale was about surviving, I was almost ready to bail; it felt borrowed.  But I persisted and...
  • I'm so glad I did.  What unfolded was an easy-read page-turner that had moments like Z for Zachariah, Angelfall, Partials, Reboot, Terra Nova (show) and I Am Legend (movie) but it wasn't a copy of any one of them...and it ceased to feel derivative, and felt more like a familiar sub-genre bandwagon I was happy to climb aboard.
  • The science is loose, but there's no pretending it isn't...and it's handled well.
  • It's a little funny.
  • I loved that parents were shown in such a positive light.  The protag has great memories and inner commentary about her parents.
  • The romance prospect isn't as chemistry-charged as many other YA series', but this allowed the survival genre to come out as the stronger aspect.  The most important relationship is not a romantic one.  That was refreshing and added dimensions to the heroine's character.
  • Great pacing.
  • It was the cure I needed after reading two books that failed to satisfy my YW craving.  This is what I didn't get from the last couple I'd been in: an entertaining blockbuster-feeling book that comes off without me scrunching my nose often. It was a good time.
In the After isn't poetic brilliance, but it was exactly what I felt like right now -- it was an entertaining, blockbuster-feeling book with a confident voice.

In the End, Demitria Lunetta
  • I love the turn Book 2 took.  The direction is great.
  • I think the characterisation is stronger in the sequel.  I really like the heroine at this point.  She isn't inexplicably BA (like so many other YA conveniently ninja / super-strong lasses) as much as brave and determined.  I really like that.
  • It stayed good throughout. 
  • There is some swearing.
  • Sexual references come mostly via comments made in a sexist micro-society.
  • Both books have some violence, but the second has violence against humans.
  • The villain's voice mad me nauseous.
  • There are a few goofs in continuity or world rules, but as far as entertainment went...
I closed both books with a sigh.  That was what I wanted from my YA.  It was a good time. 
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