Friday, November 25, 2016

Throwback Read: The Raging Quiet

The Raging Quiet, Sherryl Jordan
This book meant a great deal to some of the dearest people in my world during their younger years.  I already have an affinity for Jordan.  So when I obtained a copy of this book some time ago, I saved it to read, in confidence I would be transported at a time when I needed it.  A week of sickness in our household delivered the opportunity and the call. 

Jordan is always willing to get into the heavy and dark stuff.  In the case of The Raging Quiet, it was heavy and dark early.  But I sensed there was meaning and purpose to it, and I that it would play out and be justified.  It was.  And it was beautiful.
  • The Raging Quiet reads like classic lore.  The setting, style and narrative are timeless and intelligent.
  • Because of the mature content, I would recommend this one for readers 15+ or so (of course everyone is different).  This isn't a steamy contemporary YA novel, it is a novel that really tackles the ramifications of intimacy in medieval marriages -- hopefully this note alone will help guide you in approaching and recommending this title.  Because of how relationships are handled generally, I wouldn't give this to my daughters to read unless I was re-reading at the same time as them or the story was fresh in my mind.  It is a book worth discussing, and re-reading, but for older young adults+, in my opinion.
  • It perfectly captures the hysteria of the period, and yet with all of the darkness, there is so much more light.  I felt like the triumphs of the spirit in the story gave me surges of happiness despite being enraged by the "foolishness of men."
  • I was riveted by it and barely closed the cover once I began.
  • This time period really is Jordan's forte; it was greatly enriched by educated imagery and interwoven historical elements.
Of my throwback reads this year, this has been the best.   For my international readers: Sherryl Jordan is a NZ author and so this title may be harder to get your hands on...I think it's worth the trouble.  Kiwis -- I've found her books in second-hand stores more readily than online.
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