Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Calligrapher's Colouring Book

The Calligrapher's Colouring Book held by Esky
The Calligrapher's Colouring Book, Renee Chin
I know, I know, there's some serious market saturation going on with colouring books these days, but Renee Chin's offering has a very appealing point of difference; each page features a letter of the alphabet, numeral, or punctuation mark, so that after you've coloured them in you can piece the pages together and create your own name or inspiration/power-word for display.  (Yes, mixing words and art is a sure way to get my attention.)  I love that an ampersand has been included.  There are also a few bonus pages that are compositions without representing any specific character.

In addition to looking for a colouring book with a point of difference, I'm interested in high resolution images.   Inexpensive detail-colouring books are made more affordable because the print quality is low -- with pixelation, blurring, banding or truncated images.  They also usually have poor quality binding.  The Calligrapher's Colouring Book is well-bound and is a high quality print production. Another win with me is that the forest-themed pages all include something corresponding to the text (e.g. an Ibis on the letter I).  I consider each page frame-worthy, either as part of a set, or on its own -- great for initials in a kid's room, or perhaps you could display your surname's grapheme in a family space.  Elegant, artsy and of excellent quality.   My only disappointment is that the pages aren't perforated! 

Available officially today.

Review copy received from Hachette.
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