Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A "Why Mama Has to Work" Book

Miss You Like Crazy, Pamela Hall
The illustrations and sentiment in this book are sweet.  I really like the way mother squirrel gives in to exploring fantasy when she can't wave a wand and change that she goes to work when her son Walnut would rather she didn't.  I like the specific tokens the mother shares as evidence of how she does take her child with her to work.   I do find many FAQ books awkward, and this is no exception, (this book's question being "Why do you have to work? as euphemistically-voiced by the character as "Don't you miss my like crazy?").  There's a few more idiomatic expressions than I care for (they stilted our first reading since my girls asked for break-downs), and it wasn't clear why they were both leaving until the end (Walnut is revealed to be school-aged),  but overall, I think this could be a great resource for a family who wanted a discussion-point on the topic.

Review copy supplied by NetGalley.
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