Friday, January 27, 2017

Mia at 3.5

  • The thing Mia is most sensitive about is separation.  In any book, movie, or oral story -- if characters separate, expect threatening tears.
  • When the girls earned some money selling some crafts they made for a homeschool market day, I took them to a dollar store to buy presents for each other for Christmas and something for themselves.  Mia chose a cheap tiara.  They all did.  I've never bought any of my girls a tiara...nor have they watched anything where someone wears a tiara...yet given the choice, that was what they wanted to own.  Mia puts hers on most often.  Esky just likes to know she has one in the treasury, I think.
  • When she wakes she wants to come hug her long as she knows where Esky and Ivy are.  If she's last up, she often says, "Where are the girls?"  She's very attached to her sisters.  If she has a nightmare, she may want me to hug or kiss her, but she always wants to sleep in her bedroom with her sisters once soothed...not like the other two, who embraced an excuse to sneak in with me (Ivy still does).  The other two also appear at my bedside when they're scared.  I hug them, they leave (sometimes I follow and tuck them in, depending on the severity of their expression).  Mia?  She calls out.  I best come to her.  Maybe there's something to the tiara thing.
  • Esky and Ivy are still obsessed with horses, but Mia has said more than once, "Horses are okaaaay...but what I really like are dinosaurs!"  If you ask her what animal she is into on any given day the answer varies.  Today: turtles.  Yesterday: dragons.  Day before: tigers.  Last week: koalas.  I love this about her so. much.  
  • When we were hiking to see glow-worms, Mia made a throwaway comment that she hoped we wouldn't come across any wolves.  I could tell she was playin'.  I said, "No, there are no wolves in New Zealand."  I would normally play along, but on a night-time walk where I can tell she's a little unsure about being out in serious dark, I didn't want to feed her anxiety.  Then she laughed and said, "No, 'cause they're 'stinct!" I then replied, "You think wolves are extinct?"  Mia (proud): "Yeah!"  Me:  "There are still wolves!  There just aren't any wolves where we live or anywhere around here, but there are still wolves!  What other animals do you think are extinct?"  Boy did I open up a can-o'-worms with that one!  Mia now knows there are still koalas and pandas (the latter has even been removed from the most-endangered list!).
  • According to Mia, these are "mingoes." 
    Do you ever resist correction because being incorrect seems better?
  • Last week, Mia sang out, "Maaaa-maaaaaa,  I have a surpriiiise for yooooou."  I knew which room her voice was coming from, and I had a pretty good idea what the surprise was.   I was right.  She'd made a deposit at the Stank Bank and I needed to sign for it.  With toilet paper.   "Surprise!"
  • Of all three of our girls, Mia spontaneously says "I love you" the most often.  
  • Mia is obsessed with "The Tahli Game."  It drives Esky crazy.  Ivy plays along.  "The Tahli Game" is when Mia pretends to be a baby.  She climbs under the blankets on top of my stomach in bed, and then says "I'm hatching!" (no matter how many times I attempt to clear this up).  When she is "born," I have to say "Welcome to the world, little baby."  I said this once, 2 months ago, and now it is a mandatory line.  Tahli is a family friend's baby. I'm hoping as real-Tahli grows the game will become illogical and reach a natural end.  She is only just now accepting she isn't a baby and has to help with more than just the odd token chore. 
  • Mia does formal learning activities each day because she wants to be like her sisters.  Esky and Ivy did not do bookwork at 3.5...but there's no stopping this mimic! 
  • Mia is a willing beta / tag-along / game-supporter.  Her big sisters have no idea how lucky they are.  Although in this court (with a visiting friend) it would appear Mia has things figured out:
    This friend is two years older than Mia...but they're about the same size.  That's pretty normal for us (all of the girls seem to match the size of the average 2-years-older-than-them-year-old). This game was pre-tiara...obvs.
  • Despite all her regal play, Mia is pretty agreeable, rarely bossy, and a pleasure to be around.   Her buggiest habit is touching before asking (which may eventually lead to A Lesson the Hard Way). 
  • She loves crackers and nuts.
  • Her favourite song is "I Am a Child of God."   She's not great with lyrics in most others but pseudo-sings anyway.  This is very different from her mega-memory sisters.  For Mia, even the ABC's were a slur of sounds at the end until a little while ago (whereas Esky had that locked down at 1.5). Similarly, she's not as fussed on getting words / grammar / tense right in speech (the other two got all of this young).  She speaks like Cookie Monster and adds "-ed" to everything; "Me do it" and "She camed to my house and we runned outside." 
  • Mia took a serious liking to one of her cousins during a recent family reunion.  She has reported missing her many times since.  It was sweet to see her forging her own friendship independent of her sisters.  Here they are hangin', havin' some snacks...
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