Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 49

What a glorious Summer of Cinema it has been!  I've broken this burst into two; bulk Hit No 50 comin' atcha tomorrow.
Rogue One
Loved.  I gush regularly to anyone who will listen.  I won't go into detail here, but know that I'm very firmly planted in the fan camp for this movie.  Very.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
I liked this more than any of the Harry Potter movies.  It was deeply sad...but it was also silly and fun.  The playfulness, the 20's, the American terminology, the freedom of adults to use magic -- all made up for the things that bugged me.
The Jungle Book
Okay.  The trailer made me hope for more than I got.  The inconsistencies in scale irked me to the point of distraction and realistic film animals talking is always hard for me.  The older two girls enjoyed it.  I won't purchase this one.

Jason Bourne
Average or below.  Missable.  They should've left this alone. 
The special effects aren't bad.  There's some great familiar faces amongst the cast.  It is just above par in that it has some great scenes and moments...but overall it loses the plot too much around midway to recommend it with any enthusiasm.  (Haki and I were going, "Why are they all dying here?  WHY?)
Kubo and the Two Strings
I found this gorgeous to watch and quite touching.  Haki didn't think it was worth all the hype, and I wouldn't call it perfection...but I think it's very good.  We saw this in 3D in its opening week...the 3D was okay, but I don't think a major part of my reaction to it visually.
The Little Prince
This one was too abstract for my young viewers.  It is heavy on the allegory about aging and how we live before we die.  I found it interesting and mesmerising aesthetically. 
The Fundamentals of Caring
So...this is super sweary.  Not for many of my readers.  One characters makes vulgar comments to act out.  In spite of these things, Haki and I not only stuck with it, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.  Heads up.
I almost saw this in-cinema 6 years ago.  I watched it alone a few weeks ago at home.  It has such great direction, a good script and great acting (and what an cast!).  These parts made it easier to suspend disbelief when relationships reach new depths fairly rapidly.  I found it funny, different, moving and uplifting.  It was an emotional rollercoaster!  Buuut...let it be known it has bursts of serious swearing and a negative-angle on marriage intimacy by way of a brief sex scene.   If those things don't put you off, this is a moving comedy-drama worth checking out.
This is a lower budget Christian movie.  It took me by surprise.  I thoroughly enjoyed it...and if you don't mind corny rom coms and you're a Sabbath-Day-observer...I think this is a sweet little flick for a Sunday home-date night.  (Haki thought it was funny and nice too.)

Here is where normal ends and crazy begins. Apparently this holiday season I took it upon myself to screen all the made-for-TV movies available on Netflix.  You know, sometimes a decent one sneaks into the slush pile.  In my defence, we have been battling head lice and nits for weeks and kids sit still for screens...and these are movies I could bear to not have eyes on (since they were on the many many strands on my three daughters' heads).  Please, return to here in your own moment of weakness to check before you hit "Play," for your own good.

These are the ones I was surprised to find okay:

October Kiss
This is how I spent Halloween.  This is a really clean movie with a lot of cheese...but I enjoyed it.

November Rule
This one floats more mainstream...and was cruder.  Premarital sex is implied and referenced.  There are disappointingmoral choices (then apologies).  It was funnier than most of the dross.

12 Dates of Christmas
Groundhog Day with a female protag.  Cheesey but fun.  Massive bonus: It's clean.

These are the ones I was surprised my girls liked:

Angels in the Snow
Awful.  My kids (and one of my friend's kids in particular) loved it.  Includes references to death, family arguments and mentions divorce.

Angel of Christmas
It feels so made-for-TV. Very average in script and more but very clean.  The girls found it darling and still talk about it. 

Autumn Dreams
Pretty mediocre, but again: clean.

These are the movies I think you should definitely skip:

The Spirit of Christmas 
So bad.  Time wasted.

Meet my Valentine
Weird. Light relief guy not very funny, child actor not flash.  Didn't buy it. 

I turned off pretty smartly:
Mothers and Daughters
W./E.- this should be R not M, the first five minutes alone are awful.
Harvest Moon
Just the way you are
The Long Short - Some of you may like this.  It's a slow-burn doc-feel movie. 
Merry Kissmass  - I know.  I know.  Despite promising two things I know I like very much...this I did not like at all.  I'm not a total sucker.  I knew to stay away from Rodeo & Juliet, okay?

Back with more tomorrow!  I hope you found at least one on this list that fell between the cracks for you...
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