Friday, January 13, 2017

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 50

Passengers (2016)
This is certainly a discussion piece.  Haki and I saw this for our 14th Wedding Anniversary Date last week and agreed it was entertaining with lots of what I call Sci-Feye Candy.  I do get the gripes relating to the interpretation of the moral, but if you've seen it, I can make my case for how this works as a Fate Film. There's nudity and sex.
Odd Thomas
This felt older than 2013.  Not a good sign.  I enjoyed the book and Haki endured the adaptation to be kind.  Just read the book.  It's bad.  (The special effects are okay, the script is okay, the acting is not.)

Me Before You
Holy sequels, Batman!   This is much better than I expected!  It was tender and awesome!  The relationships are fantastic.  It was delightful to see the characters older and more grounded.  I love the messages too!  I still can't get over how much better these movies are than the book they're drawn from.  My girls all love this (even Mia, surprisingly).
This Old West Melodrama had so many great names, we couldn't resist.  We can forgive it being predictable and formulaic, given the genre.  It's got a very high body count (read: violent).  It had some great moments, but I won't ever re-view this one.  Unless you are craving exactly all these things, you should skip it.

David Brent: Life on the Road
As happy as I was to hear his little laugh and spend some more time with this character...I didn't enjoy this movie.  It showcases some of his most vulgar and ugly attributes instead of the stuff I enjoyed most about him in The Office.  It's vulgar-sweary, sad and the kind of uncomfortable Brent does best (only it's too much for hurts my heart).  Haki thinks the ending made good of the whole thing and be the judge.
This is pretty good. Christianity is entirely absent in the world. Scary for little ones
Think Like a Man 
Surprisingly engrossing...but not great; more of a fun flick where you have to ignore disappointing types and content.
GoodThe diversity angle is gooood.
Thunder and the House of Magic
Quite fun. Girls enjoyed. Villain says "damn."
Pretty good. 
Finding Dory
Another sequel that is better than sequels usually are. I'm not a massive fan of the franchise (I cannot get into it because Ellen's voice is so distinctive for me, all I can see is her in a booth recording...I can't be with the characters!). Just as good as Nemo, I'd say.  Maybe better...although derivative.  I did find a couple scenes very funny.

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