Monday, January 30, 2017

Mo Willems' Latest Rhyme-a-thon

Nanette's Baguette, Mo Willems
THIS IS A MASSIVE HIT AT OUR HOUSE.  We are all fans.  When I first read this aloud to the girls, I was mistakenly thinking (like the ridick over-analyst I am), "This is setting a precedent for my girls' mishbehaviour."  No.  No it's not.  These are green...frogs?  I'm pretty sure they're frogs.  And the whole thing is Willems-absurd.  No one promised role models, what we were pretty confident we would be served was a hefty slice of comedy.  And so we are!  SO. we. are.  Ivy has read it aloud to herself, and to Mia, they've repeatedly requested it at bedtime...suffice to say, this one spends little time on the shelf.  When I returned from teaching piano lessons, Haki said, "Nanette's Baguette is pretty funny."  It's not often Haki's rendezvous briefing includes his approval of a children's title he's read.  This book warrants a mention in his day's limited word quota because it's a treat.  If you're a Mo Willems fan (who isn't?), you can safely order this one, and like us, marvel at how many words rhyme with Baguette (one rhyme, all the time!). 

Review copy received from Walker.

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