Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Who's Afraid? Sequel

Who's Afraid Too? Maria Lewis
Some time ago I read the first installment in the Tommi Grayson series.  It wasn't Briggs or Stiefvater, but it was fun.  Quite.    It was a fair tie-over if you were missing werewolves -- and I've recommend it as such -- but by no means is it a match for the aforementioned powerhouses.
  • Book 2 didn't start so well for me.  I found the opening scene close to dull and the love story jumped too much.  The intrigue of a peripheral character introduced relatively early was the book's greatest redeeming quality.
  • There's a sex scene early.  This cemented my feeling that these two books are less appropriate for my future YA than some alternatives (I still remember the attempted sexual violence of the first book with little appreciation).
  • After leaving Bardugo, this writing seems so plain.  It isn't awful -- I mean, it is coherent and descriptive...but it isn't Bardugo...or beautiful.  Hard act indeed.
  • Instead of sounding with it, I found too often dialogue crossedover into a try-hard area of colloquialisms or casual cussing that I find a huge turn-off.  Characters using "the F-bomb?" as a question or starting sentences "Imma" or going into the depths of  "a joint" (premises) sounds lame to me.  I'd go so far as to say it led me to...
  • ...not liking the characters.  I thought they were lame for talking that way.  And then they did lame things.  Like using sex as a band-aid and calling it f*ing.  Gross.  After the characters had sex once when "they shouldn't have and she didn't want to but what she did" and then another time when she was angry and grieving...I lost too much respect to get back into the story.  Everything I read started to sound even more loserish and wannabe.  The characters seemed horny more than they seemed anything else and I didn't respect them or what to know them.  They weren't people I'd want to hang out with. 
If you were a big fan of the first, you may be pleased.  If you found Book 1 only so-so, you should go re/read some Mercy.  I was happy enough after Book 1 that I knew I was up to see where things went...but I'm done now.  What perhaps was intended as edgy came off as insensitive.  I cannot get behind a character that jokes about dead babies.  The end. #Mercyforlife

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Review copy received from Hachette.
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