Thursday, February 2, 2017


Penguin, Polly Dunbar
I'm pleased I reviewed this 10th Anniversary Edition.  Penguin has a gentle kind of funny going on.  It feels like a classic.  It didn't make me laugh out loud, but it made me smile, and the girls agreed it was "nice" and a keeper.  It is a semi-tantrum book (I think most of you know how I feel about those), buuuuut I've concluded it's more of an exasperated-book than tantrum-book.  And some consequences in the story imply the quasi-tantrum is not cool.  I also love how the hard-edged realism, so gently told and illustrated, is then undercut by a magical realism turn.  Lovely twist.  Has this slipped outside your radar range for 10 years too?  If yes, you may have seen Dunbar's Tilly and Friends books or her illustrations for Margaret Mahy.

Review copy received from Walker.
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