Friday, April 21, 2017

30 years of Where's Wally?

Earlier this month, I mentioned a certain anniversary!  That of one of pop-culture’s most iconic characters -- Wally!

We're five for five fans of Wally in this house!  That's Haki and our two eldest looking for their last thing to find hidden in the movie scene above -- the camera!

In association with Wally's special event, anniversary editions of the original books have been released featuring new scenes, as well as a range of other Wally products -- colouring books and posters, travel-size search collections (complete with elastic-band enclosures, which I'm a sucker for) and postcards.  If you've enjoyed these books at friends' places or from your library and always meant to get a copy for your home collection, now's a great time to move on that resolution -- you'll get more bang for your buck and have more options than ever before.

It would also be a great year to don the stripes and bobbly hat for a costume party or Halloween!
30 years of Wally! (or Waldo, for some of us!  But FYI, he was Wally first!)  *party blower*
Review copies of Wally products received from Walker books.

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