Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Class-flipper Romance

The Winner's Curse, Maree Rutkoski
I really really like the characters in this story, and found the first book in this series to be a serious page-turner, despite finding the initial set-up a little off and the historical exposition a tad clunky.  I was sucked in by good writing and enjoyable dialogue.

The Winner's Crime, Marie Rutkoski
Oh, how this sequel pained me!  AH!   I was happy to spend more time with characters I cared about, and the book was goooood (if it makes me hurt for them, surely it is!), but it wasn't as compelling as the first.

The Winner's Kiss, Marie RutkoskiThe torture continues; the delayed grat is very real!  This is a punchy finish to the story with some added depth to the world and politics.  I really like some choices these characters make, but cannot comment further without spoiling.  This book is the first to contain a euphemistic sex scene in the three.  All have violence.

You'll see a different set of covers on GoodReads (gag).   I prefer these (the second the least though).
This series is a good pick-me-up for fans of The Selection and Throne of Glass.
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