Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mia at Almost 4

Almost 4;

To her grandmother over lunch:
Mia: When you grow up and get old you get grand-kids.

Me: What's your favourite season, Esky?
Esky: Spring.
Me:  What about you, Ivy?
Ivy: Autumn!
Me:  What's your favourite season, Mia?
Mia:  MAMA!!!

Mia loves:
  • The swimming pool.
  • Spaghetti, yoghurt, cornbread, and Weet-bix (still!).
  • Wearing her hood up.
  • Morning cuddles.
  • Expressing love to her parents.  She regularly says, "You're the best daddy in the world" and "I don't ever want to leave you, Mama."  I won't cash in that promise later, kid...but I will claim being your favourite season.
  • Being read to.
  • Listening to her sisters.  
  • Headbands.
  • Her pink pillow.
  • Wearing "running shoes" (which she calls any shoes with laces).
  • Setting up intricate play scenes. 
  • Answering questions or requests with a contrary answer to make you laugh.   For example, if Haki says "Could you please pass me my phone?"  Mia brings him my phone (and she knows it) and says, "This is your phone, right?" with squinting, laughing eyes.  When someone was making conversation with her recently they asked her what her favourite food in the world was (expecting something like "icecream" or "strawberries"), but she said, "Fish.  Noooo, corn."  Definitively.  She enjoys neither.  She just likes to surprise people and make them raise an eyebrow.

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