Monday, April 24, 2017

Three Confronting YA Titles

None of these were as not-me as What girls are made of, but they all included content that was more confronting or graphic than I care for...they aren't books I'd buy or readily recommend, but if you love more challenging, raw titles, these could be just what you're looking for;
Pointe Claw, Amber J. Keyser
Examining connections between repressed animal qualities in dance and in people (and of course repressed animals themselves) has merit, but the graphic details of sexual exploration between these two young women was too much for me. 
Release, Patrick Ness
At times Ness reminded me of Maggie Stiefvater (mostly in his interweaving of the everyday and supernatural)...but the pronounced emphasis on the sexual was again too much.  It was also pretty crass and had a lot of swearing.

Finding Nevo, Nevo Zisin
Of these three books, I think this is the one that holds the most value.  I am glad I read it.  I think it's important to read from a range of perspectives and attempt to develop greater empathy and compassion as a result.  And what a brave thing this is!  It is so sad that Nevo has to explain Nevo to anyone.  I wish the world would let people be whoever they want; express themselves however they want; drop the rigid expectations!  AH!  For all these wishes, I found this hard to read without being angry.  I really enjoyed some sections and I think I gained a little insight into Nevo and transgender youth as a result of reading this.  I wouldn't read it a second time.  I wish people could just LOVE, dang it!

Review copies received from Walker.
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