Friday, April 28, 2017

Throwback Read: Tanith / Wolf-Woman

Tanith / Wolf-woman, Sherryl Jordan

Jordan enchants me.  I can't help it, okay?  I love her stories!  They're like these heavily-weighted fables with heroines willing to enrage entire nations if they feel the cause is true!  Tanith is no exception.  Also:
  • I enjoy Jordan's writing.  I think she strikes a strong description-action balance.
  • I know Jordan is willing to "go there."  I can't always peg the direction things will go because she's willing to let characters hurt, willing to let things be hard, willing to tackle things I think many YA authors shy away from.  It makes the story more compelling.
  • There are sexual references but no sex scenes.
  • No swearing.
  • There are references to violence and brutality.
  • Yes, it probably helps that there are wolves.  I love. 
The tone, setting and set-up reminded me of Ferren and the Angel (but more real), Clan of the Cave Bear (with less sex!) and Pointe Claw (only less confronting). If you enjoyed Winter of Fire, you'll probably like this one. 

Ryan -- I know, I know, you want to borrow it tonight.  Hold your horses!

NB:  I prefer the cover, above, but the title Tanith.  My copy of the book has the right title and the wrong cover image *grumble grumble;*

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