Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Wool, Hugh Howey
I read the first five Silo novellas in a single omnibus (although it's not so sub-titled on the jacket).  Howey's an amazing storyteller.  Although sentences run a little on the long side, there's consistently such good meat in them.  There are few swear-words, nothing exclusively "adult" by way of sensual content, and descriptions of any violence are tastefully handled.  I went in knowing little about this book, and that made for an incredibly unraveling.  The magic of the work is only amplified for Howey having self-published this masterpiece (I can talk for a long time about Howey as poster boy of Indie publishing -- that is another post entirely).  Sadly I found the subsequent novel (Shift) lacked the same engrossing intrigue and tightness of narrative.  Book 1 however?  An excellent read. 
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