Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Do you think I've tired of Beauty and the Beast Retellings? Yes? You're wrong.

Hunted, Meagan Spooner
I haven't tired of them.  Nope.
  • And in this one the writing is above average.  
  • It being a retelling, there isn't a lot of room for surprise (so when Beauty isn't seeing things for what they are, and I am, I forgive, because...I know how this ends).  I pretty much saw everything coming. 
  • I like that the sisters in this tale aren't like Beauty, but are still likable.  
  • No sex or swearing, but plenty of romanticised Stockholm Syndrome.  I am convinced she belongs with him.  Go, Spooner!
  • The magical elements are beautiful.
Yes, it's predictable -- it's a retelling -- but I enjoyed it for its crafting and was grateful nothing nasty detracted from it (misogyny, stereotyping, swearing, sex, plot holes etc.).  This was nice to snuggle up with.  For fans of Barefoot on the Wind and Cruel Beauty.

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