Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Five Boasts at 5:00

  1. As long as we've lived at this house, we have collected enough pine cones from the surrounds for all our fires' kindling.  This satisfies me on a deep level I cannot adequately explain.
  2. For Mia's birthday at the end of last month, I made her a cake I wanted a second slice of.  This is not usually the case; I'm still working on my cake skills.
  3. Speaking of skills, I recently pretty much made a group of young people watch Napoleon Dynamite.  I think a lot of them left my house thinking, "That was really random."  They'll thank me some day.  I did the right thing.
  4. I've been doing core-strengthening exercises 6 days a week for over 4 months now.  This is the first daily exercise-motivated routine I've had since having children.  I used to dedicate hours to daily training, pre-children, but it's taken me 8 years to return to this discipline.  The more I type on this item, the less this feels like a boast and more I realise it's an acknowledgement of failure...but the failing part is over, so I choose BOAST!
  5. There's no hiding it, this post was born because I wanted to tell you that I replaced my iPhone 5S battery myself yesterday.  It cost me $17 for a kit to do it.  Haki thought I should just get a new phone.  Not only is my phone (including TouchID) still operational, my battery life is back to normal, and I SPENT $17!  (and I would not have replaced my phone with a cheap phone).  #boastboastboast   
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