Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Five medicinal-ish things at 5:00

  1. I think probiotics are worth spending money on.  I'm a serious advocate...and not just because I think we all need to get the candida epidemic under control (because we do...the chances are good it's inside you, right now, thriving).  I think you can stop a sore tummy from turning into a full-blown spew-bug with a well-timed probiotic.  I think you can restore some of the good stuff we no longer get from avoiding fermented foods by taking or adding probiotic foods to our diet.  I think you can fight illness better if your body is churning with good bacteria.  Churning, yes -- like helpful little pacman, eating all the bad stuff.
  2. Recently we all got strep throat.  It didn't last as long as the textbooks said it should (because of the probiotics, is why), but it was inconvenient, for sure.  You know what made it more inconvenient?  Learning that the pharmacy closest to my home was going to surprise-charge me to receive each faxed prescription from our doctors' office.  Uh-uh.  We now go to antidote, where there is no such charge.  If you, too, have discovered this dirty add-on and would rather not pay it, you can boycott and go elsewhere...the pharmacies are not "all doing it."  (At least not yet.  And I intend to support the ones that don't.)
  3. I can testify that chamomile tea is a great eye bath for conjunctivitis.  Yes, we have had some of the best guests this winter.
  4. After reading that sweet (and so beautiful!) Emma uses World Organics, I was keen to know more.  I've been trying to remove as many chemicals from our home as I can.  I know, lots of people are doing that.  Good -- lots of people should.  Anyway, of the products I've sampled (thanks to Emma!) so far, I feel like calendula cream is this hidden secret someone should have told me about long ago!  I love that it's natural and smells good and does the job...I use it on a lot of things I use Bepanthen for, but it isn't as greasy and...chemical-seeming.
  5. I've made the switch from an aluminium-deodorant to a crystal-based one, Haki to tea tree.  We're both pretty happy so far.  My mum swears coconut oil does the job.  I'm keen to do anything that isn't putting a heavy metal in through my pores whilst simultaneously blocking said pores from getting rid of that and other toxins.  If you've had success with an alternative to mainstream anti-perspirants, please, email me! 
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