Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Orson Scott Card's Women of Genesis: Sarah

Sarah, Orson Scott Card
I remain a serious fan of Card's work.  He's so good. Nothing anytime soon is going to make me comfortable with what Sarai did for Abraham, nothing. isn't every day that historical fiction gives me the same feeling as epic fantasy.  I fell into Sarah's ancient world like another world and delighted in the intelligence and depth Card granted all his characters, especially the women.  I was surprised to find so much Sodom coverage, but it turned out to be a genius balancing act.  I cared deeply for the characters, and was thrilled to see such an experienced author's lens tighten its focus on a true, enduring love story (I hadn't read Card write love like this ever, and he surprised me).  I will definitely be reading more of his Women in Genesis books.

Heads up: If you're battling infertility, this could go either way for you -- it could let you cry it out in a way that leaves you breathless but empowered, or it could just be agony.  Proceed with caution.  Also: I'm so sorry, that sucks.
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