Monday, July 24, 2017

Fenn Halflin: Much better than I expected

Fenn Halflin and the Seaborn, Francesca Armour-Chelu
Because this is being compared to Percy Jackson all over the place, I was dubious going in.  The Percy Jackson books don't do it for me.  Fenn Halflin?  Now that's a young hero I can rally behind.  Because this arrived with other review copy for July (not on request), I dipped in without knowing a thing (when I request a book, it's almost always based on a synopsis);  I love when I can go in knowing nothing, it's my favourite.  I was met with dense and careful writing that wowed me!  This was not like other books I've read marketed to the younger YA market.  The world is a lot to take in, but's a sequel! *forehead slap*  Yes, in my diving in, I didn't realise I'd missed an entire first book.  So I can tell you: this reads well as a stand-alone, but yeah, that world be A LOT to process.  I've since requested the first title, having learned of its existence -- because I think Fenn rocks (and Armour-Chelu? Good hands to be in).  So forget comparisons to the corny lightning thief who's of our world and yet angering Greek Gods...and think truly other-worldly, gritty, compelling narrative.  I think comparisons to The Golden Compass and Mortal Engines are more appropriate.  If there is any flaw, is that some things are resolved too neatly...but for younger YA, this is a very small offense.  Overall it is more vivid, confident and appealing to me than any read-alikes it's being compared to. 

Review copy received from Walker.
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