Saturday, July 29, 2017

Picture Book Round-up: SF Cinderella, Mini Memoirs, More Wonder, Apes and Frogs

Interstellar Cinderella, Deborah Underwood
Everything is right about this book.  Oh my goodness.  Place a hold already.
The Bear Who Wasn't There, LeUyen Pham
I thought it was okay...but the girls were OBSESSED.  Sometimes you have to push through for the laughs, people; their laughter is golden.
Little People, Big Dreams Series, Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Our library doesn't have all of these yet, but we've checked out all that they do have; Maya Angelou, Coco Chanel and Agatha Christie (not pictured, but also a winner).  I am crazy about these.  Vegara has made these historical heroines highly-accessible by presenting them as children first, history-changers second.  A different illustrator for each story helps little readers distinguish between the facts and tone of each narrative.  Actual photographs and a simplified timeline at the back of each book are a brilliant touch.  Love this series!
Fabulous Frogs, Martin Jenkins
We're frog fans around runs in the family.  But even without our batrachophilia, this book is REALLY interesting!  Thanks Janssen, for pointing me towards this one!

Bunny's Book Club, Annie Silvestro
Now that's some darling propaganda right thir.
We're All Wonders, R. J. Palacio
I enjoyed the novel Wonder, but I often squint dubiously when I see tie-ins.  But this is a good book in its own right.
You Choose, Nick Sharratt
This is so fun to read as a pair / trio / family / group!  Pick stuff every about why you made that choice.  YUS.
Willy and Hugh, Anthony Browne
Browne's illustrations are always wowsers, but this my favourite story of his.  It's pretty much perfect.
The Legend of Rock, Paper Scissors, Drew Daywalt
Crowd-pleaser.  Our whole family finds this one funny.  It's really current (we'll see how it holds up in 10 years), and more than one line surprised us into hiccuping with laughter.  It's such a goofy book.  The whole idea is, but the book draws that out for fun times.  The illustrations are incredible.

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