Monday, July 31, 2017

Silence Fallen

Silence Fallen, Patricia Briggs
I fear lest any readers be worried I have not yet managed to devour the latest Mercy Thompson book.  Rest your fears now, dear ones, for you may now know that although I had not yet posted any such acknowledgement, I made short work of Book 10.  Was it comforting and wonderful to spend time with Mercy and Adam and all their fantastical and frightful friends?  Heavens, yes.  Was it the confident, sure storytelling and description Briggs is known for serving?  Yes again.  Was it my favourite installment in the series?  Sadly no.  Mercy and Adam spend a mighty amount of time apart in this book.  Their loyalty was still evident (love. it.), and their characters grew for it,'s not my favourite leg in their character journey so far -- they're so dynamite together.  If you're reading Book 10 in this series,  you scarcely need any help picking up a copy, but in case you've somehow missed it -- there's a Book 10, it's isn't my favourite but is still confident and pretty much mandatory reading if you're a Briggs' fan.  Give me more days in this world!
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